Shakila’s Collection, based in Canada, started off as a side passion project by a mother of 3 beautiful children. Throughout my hijab journey since childhood, I experimented with various hijab styles while traveling to different parts of the world.

When I moved to Canada, I refashioned my style to adjust to the trendy, modest attire here. I realized the importance of embracing all unique styles, and this motivated me to create a brand that aims to promote the elegance of modesty.

With the help of my husband and past manufacturer partners, I was able to use my 30 years of business experience and networking skills to expand our brand. Slowly and gradually, I established the brand in my community, Alhamdulillah (All praise to God).

In the future, we will continue to offer modest attire for all occasions at affordable prices that are unmatchable. We will ensure our collection satisfies our loyal customers’ needs, by paying close attention to our customers’ concerns and feedback.

The brand is a manifestation of our values, dedication, passion and hard work. We understand the struggle of finding modest yet fashionable clothes, but we’ve got you covered!



My sincere gratitude to all those who supported my small business from the start! Without your support and encouragement, I would not have the motivation and drive that I have right now to continue to offer quality clothing. I can not stress enough how important your constructive feedback is towards the betterment of this brand. If you have any questions or want to uplift us with your kind feedback, please do not hesitate to email at contact@shakilascollection.com

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